Made to YOUR specifactions

You tell Me the housing You want, specify your tube preference from the avaliabe options and I will get it in your hands as soon as possible! Every set is made to end user specifacations to make sure your NODs are the NODs you dream of.


Not only do I give you the exact NODs you want you can make them camoflauge too! Get your goggles hydro dipped in different camo patterns such as Muilticam, M81 Woodland, Partizan SS Leto and Rhodie Brushstroke!

The downside?

Lead time... Lead time is the downside here. Sourcing components will take me at most eight days before your order is out the door. But in return, you save your money. My prices can undercut major retailers by multple thousands of dollars, especially with dual tubes.

What I do!

Building your dream NODs

Pick a housing! Any Housing!

Pick A housing from the avaliable options, select your tubes, choose your hydro dip (or lacktehreof) and your order is complete!


I pump your NODs full of nitrogen and remove any oxygen, moisture and cominants that could degrade optical performance

Hydro Dipping

Your housings can be hydro dipped in one of four (as of now) camo patterns for that extra stealth or just plain cool factor


Contact us

Telephone: +1 207 667 3401


Address: 8 Raven Ridge Lane, Trenton, ME, 04605

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